4 Elements


Fire, fire…Fire, it can destroy and it can create. Its fingers of flame can reach very high and with his volume it burns everything near his grip. Even Water will condense by the touch of Fire. But when Earth is touched by Fire, there will be new life. Earth becomes more fruitful again.


IMG_5594Air, air… Air takes care of a cool, new breeze. Air brings new life, it is never dull. We will hardly notice new life has arrived with the coming of Air. Sometimes Air tempers Fire and other times releases Fire’s wild energy. When everything is in balance, there is a chance of new life again.



IMG_5214Water, water…Water is life force. Powerful and gracious at the same time, Water will be destructive when she is furious. Water brings new life. Water is able to stop Fire, to sprew Earth with its life force and see… there is new life again.



IMG_5157Earth, earth… Earth stops Fire and makes itself fertile. The result will be new life. The seed, brought by Air is embraced by the soft arms of Earth and there, it starts to grow. Water feeds the seed. After a while Seed sprouts into a young sprig and at last into a big tree. There is life again. And this is the cycle of life. As long there is life, the life cycle will go on and on until the end of days.



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