IMG-20151015-WA0085Hola, my name is Patricia Pennin en 30 years young :). I live in the Netherlands in a beautiful small city full of history.

As a young girl, I loved to fantasize and invented my own stories. Those stories I wrote down on paper during Dutch classes at primary school. Years passed and I forgot to write stories. Luckily there are books and I love to read so I still could daydream and go to fantasy land :). Finally, my innertumblr_n2cjcxoFOl1s4a25po1_500 writer awoke and I decided to invent stories again. I decided to write down my experiences, adventures, thoughts and ideas . This is not a crazy thought because my job gives me the possiblity to become acquainted with extraordinary persons and to have extraordinary experciences.  This is the reason I decided to create this blog. This blog will tell you all my adventures and experiences in life.

Feel free to give your opinion and maybe to share your own ideas, adventures and experiences. This is my first blog and very new to me. I need to get used to it and have to learn how to use WordPress. In the Dutch language we know a phrase “Al doende leert men” , which means, we need to practice to make things perfect. So this is what I have to do :). So for the next period, I have to write, write and invent :D.

For now I say…. enjoy reading 🙂 !