Koen the shamancat

Koen the cat is a very special animal. Somebody asked me for help and  introduced us to each other. At that time Koen wasn’t happy at all. He is a FIV cat and receives special attention. Koen wasn’t pleased at our first meeting and didn’t want to say a word and was testing me by being aggressive! From me he expected the same reaction he was accustomed, people flinching backward and  saying he was very aggressive and scary. However, he didn’t scare me at all and I starting the consultation. I told him it is nice to cuddle with humans and it is ok to be himself, to be happy.

After a few days, I received a short video about Koen. In this video I saw he was cuddling with his caretakers! Koen changed his life and had become a new person!

I was stunned with surprise and very happy for Koen he discovered this new way of life. The first time I met him, Koen was not interested in life, he was very timid and suspicious. The video showed the real person Koen is. After our first meeting, Koen and I had more conversations and every time Koen showed us how powerful he was (and is). He surprised everybody many times and manifested some important intentions in his life. I was very impressed about his inner strength and decided to name him Shaman. Koen understood many things very fast and his intentions were so strong, they manifested immediately. The very last time I spoke Koen, he said to me not to worry about him. Everything is going to be alright. I have faith in him and I know he will be doing fine :). At the moment I do not know how Koen is doing. I hope he is doing fine and that one day he will find his forever home with a happy end :).