It’s the time of the year: Christmas is in the air. It’s the time of cherish, light, darkness, short days, festivities, good food and most of all…. Celebrating Christmas with our family! Not everybody is celebrating Christmas, some people really do not like this period of the year. These persons feel lonely and can’t wait until Christmas has passed.


What’s the reason we celebrate Christmas? Christmas is a celebration of the ancient; even before the coming of Christianity people already celebrated it. The Christmas we know today derived from different cultures and religions which resulted into 1 big happening: Christmas….. In the Ancient times, the time of the Germanic people, Batavians and Celts, they celebrated winter solstice on the 21st of December. Winter solstice was about welcoming the Light and banishing the Evil. To be sure evil spirits got banished, they made great fires.

The Christmas tree is a well-known phe7ff8f3810731cd35a4e1d28d92b2060anomenal. Even the Ancient folks used a tree to celebrate winter solstice. The tree was at that time a symbol of fertility. Most of the people think the Christmas tree is a pine tree but in fact it is a spruce. Every year we enjoy decorating the beautiful spruce. Decorating a Christmas tree is a very old tradition. People in the 13th century already decorated their trees.

When Christianity became popular through Europe, the emperor Constantine and his bishops decided to celebrate Christmas on the 25th of December. They had their good reasons and those were to kethe-birth-of-jesusep the Ancient folks and the Romans quiet and happy. The Ancient folks already celebrated Solstice on the 21st of December but the Romans also had a celebration which was the same as the Ancient folks, but it had a different name. The Romans called it Saturnalia and this festivity lasted a couple of days. All Romans had the days off in this period. Saturnalia was the festivity of the light and dedicated to the Roman god of the Light, Saturn. Religion was more important for the emperor Constantine and the bishops and that’s the reason why they decided to celebrate Jesus Christ’s birthday on the 25th of December. For all Christians Jesus is their light.

Santa Claus is actually a native from Siberia. He is in the Siberian tradition and stories a shaman, a medicine man or woman. In the ancient times the medicine men and women wore red and white colored clothes. As all shamans do, they did do shamanic journeys often. For more information read Doe-a-deer-a-female-deer. It is well known Santa Claus is accompanied by a reindeer. Together they travel around the world to give presents to everyone. For a very long time both Santa Claus and his reindeer vanished until the 30’s. Coca Cola had a great idea and used Santa Claus and the reindeer for his commercials and ever since that time Santa Claus and his reindeer are very popular.


What is the meaning of Christmas today? Christmas is a time of celebrating this event with family. It’s a time of happiness, decorated houses and Christmas trees with light everywhere. But there are also presents and Christmas cards. Many people cherish this time of year.

This part of the year is a time of peace and stillness. Here we take a break and take the time to go back in time and remember the things happened last year. It is also a fresh start for the next year to come. This part of the year, between Christmas and New Year is special because we celebrate the New Year to come with new possibilities. But at the same time the veil between this world and the Other World (or God, The Creator, The Source) is very thin. It means wishes and intentions we have, will be noticed quickly in the Other World. What we wished for and our intentions will be manifested quickly in the New Year. This part of the year is the best time to wish each other all the best and these wishes will be manifested in the New Year as well because they pass through the thin veil easily. It’s very important to stay positive and focus on our wishes. Be kind to yourself and to other people and animals. Be thankful for the things we have in life.


For the people who feel alone during Christmas I want to tell them we are not alone, we are never alone. Many people experience the feeling of loneliness, to be alone in this world…whatever the reason may be. But that’s not true. We have to know there are persons who care about us. They are always with us and protect us. I am talking about the energy that is called God, The Creator, Allah or Buddha, but also our ancestors, our (guardian) angels and our power animals and guides of the Other World. Many of us can’t feel nor see them, but they are there every minute of our life. So when you do feel lonely, close your eyes and clear your head and you will see them and feel their presence. To be aware of their existence, gives us comfort and the guarantee to be with others.

So enjoy this period, cherish the things and persons (people and animals) around you and give love, support and help the ones in need. This will be your present to them. Be kind to yourself and make wishes, because right now the veil between this world and the Other World is very thin.



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